Monday, November 17, 2014

Has it Been that Long?

I just looked at my poor blog and I can't believe my last post was early this year!  This is why I had no business starting a blog...I get too involved in other things and I get easily distracted that something eventually takes a this case, blogging.

My life has been consumed with cardmaking, designing files in Silhouette Studio and Facebook (and not necessarily in that order)!

I continue to create cards for demonstrating at my local scrapbook store.  Each month, those that demonstrate create 2 cards each.  We are responsible for preparing kits for our cards (50 each) and on the 3rd Saturday of each month, we converge on the store, set up and customers buy our card kits and are taught to make our cards.  It's a great deal for the customer!  Not only do they walk away with a completed card, but everything they need to create the card is there at the table.  They only need bring their favorite adhesive.  Of course, they also come away with knowledge and the joy of saying, "I made this".

Some of the cards I've made this year:

I also worked on a set of tags this year for fall.  I finally tried Julie Nutting's Doll Stamps and had a ball.  I was reminded of days gone by when I could spend hours cutting out paper dolls!  With the help of my Silhouette, I was able to cut the clothes and dolls out without the pain of cutting with scissors!

I would love to create another set for Winter and if time permits, I will give it a shot!

I also tried my hand at wreathmaking.....I did say try.  I was able to finish the wreath but I think I'll be leaving that to those who are more gifted in that   I used the deco mesh which was very easy to work with but I think I got a little carried away with the loop-making process and ended up with quite a "fluffy" wreath base.  Of course, the challenge for me was deciding what to embellish with so I kept it at a minimum (I think)!

For the holidays, I have been busy making a few ornaments as I test my design files.  My favorite are the elves.  I created two elves that appear to be stuck inside of ornaments and also one that is stuck inside a shadow box.  The shadowbox and ornaments will go to my grandkids.  I hope they'll love them as much as I loved making them!   I also made a gingerbread ornie that I really liked and a nativity scene that came from the Silhouette store.

It is my desire to get back to my quilting and patchwork, which has also been placed on the backburner.  I signed up for a longarm introductory class which after completion (which I did), I will be able to rent time and use their longarm to finish my quilts.!  I've done one already and look forward to quilting some more.  It does take a toll on my back and neck so I'll have to pace myself.

Thanksgiving is next week and I'll be fixing the turkey this year since Lee is scheduled to have elbow surgery the day before Thanksgiving!  I think he planned it to get out of helping with all the

This year we bought a "fake" tree....yep, it's come to that.  I've always opted for a fresh tree but I've decided to save a tree and buy artificial.  Hopefully, we can disguise it with all the ornaments we plan to

I'm feeling pretty good about having posted.  It had been too long.  I think this year I'd like to do a giveaway and I'm thinking of making an elf shadowbox to give to one lucky person!   The elf files have been very popular in the Etsy shop and to show my appreciation I think it would be appropriate to give away an elf!   This will have to be fast because the holidays are upon us again!

Stay tuned!

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