Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Cant Put the Vinyl Down

I continue to enjoy the vinyl process.  I'm afraid soon I'll have vinyl on everything!  Although I enjoy the results very much, the weeding (removing all the tiny unnecessary bits) leaves a lot to be desired.  I soon discovered it's not my favorite part of the process.  Small items really challenge my eyesight and it doesn't help when I choose to work with black....yikes!  Sometimes (almost I have to recruit hubby for this part.  He has lots more patience than I do and his sight is certainly much better than mine.

I spent time trying to come up with a little design for a coffee mug.  The idea of a "prescription" came to mind and after much debating, procrastinating and making it much to do about nothing (which is my MO), I finally cut it out, layered the various colors and applied to the mug.  First take was not pretty...I curved the decal way to wide and had to redo it.  This is my second and final take:

I'm working on a 20oz tumbler as a gift for someone.  This has to be the most challenging to date, for me.  It involves tracing a photo and translating it into vinyl.  I'll share after I give her the gift.

This Saturday is Demo Day at my LSS and I have to prep 100 kits...needless to say, I am still prepping.  I love the card we'll be doing at my table BUT what was I thinking?!!  My Grand Calibur is smokin' and there doesn't appear to be any end in sight yet :(  And I have a quilt that just needs binding calling me upstairs but there it sits until I can finish these kits.  Oh well.  The sooner I get off this computer, the quicker I can finish.

Til next time!

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