Tuesday, July 2, 2013

All Things "V" -- Vinyl and Vellum

I have been having a blast discovering new types of media to cut with my Silhouette.  I have recently discovered the wonderful world of vinyl and although I am a total newbie to this medium, I love it.  I have seen fabulous projects from Wall Art, Subway Art, to tumblers, and beautiful home décor.  The Silhouette Cameo is definitely not just for cutting paper!

I found a really inexpensive cutting board at Wal-Mart for 99 cents for my first attempt at vinyl.  There was a free file on the Facebook group I belong to for a split kitchen utensils pattern.  I have o say, vinyl cuts like butter on my little Sil.  Weeding, which is the process of removing all the little unwanted bits around my design, was definitely time comsuming and patience goes a long way on this process...lol.  I adhered my vinyl underneath the cutting board so as to be able to see it from the front and thus also making it functional and not just a wall décor.  Air bubbles are the only things one has to be careful of.  It was fun, quick and definitely inspired me to continue my exploration of vinyl.

Below is my finished cutting board:

I also made a home décor piece using a the Regal font (free online) and splitting it to create a space for our last name.  Although not perfect (not aligned straight), I am pleased and with my next one I've figured out how to make sure the image is straight.

Moving on to paper, I recently saw a video demonstrating how to create beautiful butterflies with patterned vellum by "F Fundamentals".  My vellum has a beautiful damask pattern and the finish has a silver color to it.  I used my Adirondack Alcohol Inks to ink the back of the vellum.  It was totally random, and looked rather messy but once I flipped the vellum over, it had a beautiful array of color behind the "silvery" damask pattern.  It was really quite pretty!  Im not sure it will show up in my picture below, but hopefully you can see it:

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  1. These look great! Looks like the Silhouette does a lot better job than my Cricut. I can't even get it to cut letters.

    Oh! I'll bet it was Jim's stream where you saw me. ;)